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Power battery module line modular “unlock”

Power battery module line modular "unlock"

Driven by capacity expansion in the power and storage markets, the demand for lithium modules and PACK devices is growing rapidly, and the market competition is heating up.

According to data from the High-Tech Industrial Research Institute (GGII), the market scale of lithium battery modules and PACK devices in China reached 13.5 billion yuan in 2022, with a year-on-year growth of 69%.The subsequent market space will only increase, and is expected to reach 22.5 billion yuan in 2025.

Around the annual market scale increment of more than 10 billion, listed companies and later intelligent equipment enterprises for the module and PACK equipment market is also increasingly fierce competition.

It should be pointed out that the innovation based on CTP and other system structures in the power field drives continuous changes in the module line process, and superposes the demand for large-scale production of power batteries, requiring further improvement in the production efficiency and stability of modules and PACK lines.However, the energy storage market has varied requirements for module shapes, which further tests the flexible design ability of modules and PACK equipment.

Previously, due to the relatively low technical threshold of module and PACK equipment compared with cell production line equipment, there were many competitors involved and the technical level was uneven.As power and energy storage have increasingly stringent requirements for modules and PACK equipment, the industry is also calling for enterprises with more technical strength and scale to enter, drive the technology upgrade of modules and PACK equipment segment, and promote the survival of the fittest in the industry.

There is no doubt that as power and energy storage batteries enter a new cycle of global competition, the reform road of module line to automation, intelligence, standardization, modularity, flexibility and iterative upgrading is immediately rolled out.

From the perspective of demand-side changes: first, power and energy storage batteries have started a new round of large-scale production expansion tide. The capacity planning of tens or even hundreds of GWh at every turn has put forward higher requirements for automatic, intelligent and high-tempo production of module lines.

Second, in order to improve battery performance, the innovation of power battery structure is endless, which drives the process reform of module line. Battery enterprises give more and more weight to the standardization and modularity at the beginning of the production line design, so as to shorten the design cycle and improve the delivery ability.

Third, the voice of special production line of energy storage battery is rising. The energy storage market has various demands on the shape of modules, and higher requirements on the flexibility of module lines

Reflecting the supply side, it means that the equipment enterprises that can continuously meet the diversified and multidimensional technological upgrading needs of power and energy storage enterprises can enter the TWh golden cycle with them and share the development dividends of The Times.

Objectively, with the expansion of power batteries in recent years, the power battery module and PACK line market competition has entered the deep water, but we can expect that the "latecomers" represented by East Primus Energy may bring new "catfish effect" to this market.

Post time: Apr-08-2023