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Intelligent high-speed assembly Scheme enables Large-capacity Cell “New Era”

Intelligent high-speed assembly Scheme enables Large-capacity Cell "New Era"

According to GGII's statistics, in 2022, China's installed power batteries will be 260.93GWh, of which square batteries will be 241.09GWh, accounting for more than 92%.

As the mainstream route of lithium power in China, square battery has a huge application scale and market acceptance in the field of power and energy storage.

Based on the characteristics of small internal resistance, relatively convenient expansion, and high group efficiency, square batteries show a strong ability to undertake terminal innovation.

Whether it is CTP/CTC technology, or the energy storage market hot 280Ah large cell, square battery can unleash the greatest application potential.

At the same time, in order to further release the energy density space, cell length thinning + lamination technology has become the development trend of square batteries in recent two years.

In addition to BYD blade battery and Honeycomb Energy short knife battery, ZhongChuant Xinhang all-pole lug laminated battery, Yiwei Lithium Energy LF560K energy storage battery, Xinwang SFC48 supercharger battery all adopt the square laminated route.

The development direction of large size, mode-free, long and thin opens a larger market "blueprint" for square batteries, which already occupy a dominant position.

However, the above innovation is bound to be built on the basis of highly improved cell quality and enhanced consistency level.Therefore, high requirements are put forward for the corresponding production technology and production line equipment.

Taking square cell assembly line as an example, only by starting from laser, vision, detection, motion control and other bottom processes, can the whole line integration scheme innovation be carried out to meet the demands of square battery large-scale manufacturing for high precision, high speed, consistency, safety and reliability of production line.

With the development of new energy vehicles and energy storage market becoming more mature, large square cells with large capacity, high safety, long life and low cost gradually become the mainstream.

Post time: Apr-05-2023